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Welcome on the official website of the NOVAP Cy.

NOVAP is a significant French producer of solutions for marking, signalization and storage (mainly out of plastic materials). We are located in Oyonnax, the plastic’s capital in France between Lyon and Geneva in Switzerland. NOVAP exists since the 70’.

Our ranges of products are dedicated as well for the professional retailers than to the public distribution. Our core business is and remains plastics of any kinds.

We put a lot of attention to the quality and the service rate to our customers.

NOVAP Cy is permanently proposing new products because innovation means actually something.

We are active on the French market but as well on many international territories.


We are present on the foreign markets through our Export Manager M. Yves KASSEL

He is able to answer to all your questions and expectations. Feel free to contact him in order to start some business with the NOVAP Cy


Here all his references:  
Export Manager
Mobile: +33 647.511.845
E-mail: y.kassel@novap.fr

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